Saturday, 26 January 2013

When the Sugar Bees Essex world went crazy.

Who would have thought that a relatively normal week in the kitchen could develop into something totally surreal?
After the wedding fair last weekend I decided to post a picture of my Joules inspired wedding cake onto the Joules FaceBook page, I didn't tag the picture with Sugar Bees Essex, I just posted the picture to see what they thought of it. The photo got over 100 likes and some really lovely comments. I was really chuffed. The next day I had an appointment at the hospital so was unable to log into FaceBook, when I returned my best friend messages me to say have you seen the
Joules page? To my amazement they had reported my picture along that a
Joules Fan had sent in the picture and that it could be a contender for the Great British Bake Off which was Airing on TV. It had 800likes and counting, with 40 comments ( all good ones).
Every time I returned to the page it had gone up by 100, totally amazing!
I went to bed with the picture up to 1100+ likes, how awesome is that?
When I got up I had 12 new likers on my FB page and over 1200 likes on the Joules page. All for one little cake that dared to be different.
Who says that FB is rubbish when it clearly is a great platform to promote yourself. Thank you FaceBook xxx

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