Monday, 4 March 2013

New venture

Another phase of 'Sugar Bees' evolution has begun, with a venture into Cupcake decorating classes and 'little old me' becoming a teacher!
How did that happen ? And how fast did that happen?
It's all been a bit of a blur I must confess, but a lovely blur, with a trial run at home with 7 ladies squished into my dining room to see if I would be any good as a teacher, and Wow they were all really impressed with the results and wanted to know when the next class was.
So class 2 & 3 was thought up with valentines in mind.
A Basic valentines class and a vintage valentines class were introduced and I started to look for a venue, the village hall was booked and classes were full, lots of happy people who didn't mind coming out early on a Sunday and me being exhausted from teaching up elated from the 'buzz' of being able to show people something exciting and teach them something they didn't know before they walked through the door.
But the village hall wouldn't do, so 'the Hive' was found on a trial run, and I love it. It still looks like an office but its mainly my space and I have filled it with lots of things, but more need to be found until I'm happy with it.

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