Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy day at Layer Marney Tower

You never know what it's going to be like when you head off to set up your stand at a wedding fair, but I knew that it was going to be cold, very cold. It had been snowing all night and the car was covered with a thick layer of crispy snow, but I had to clear it all off my little car so that I could pack it with goodies for the lovely Brides that I was hoping to meet at the venue.
I loaded the car up with the boxes of display cakes and all the general bits I need for the stand like postcards, diary, business cards, table cloths , pins , signage and portfolio then I headed off to the garage for some petrol ( they always know when I'm heading off to either display or set-up a cake, I must look different, like a frightened rabbit perhaps,!, as I'm rather shy), when I told them where I was going they looked at each other and said you know it's going to snow a lot later on, I just replied that if I get snowed in there it would be an adventure, they both laughed and off I went with my supplies of a Mexican cheese roll, water and mints.
The roads were ok from Sugar Bees as they had been gritted, but as soon as I turned off to Layer Marney I thought what am I doing here, no grit, just ice. And lots of snow, but my little car and I chugged on and made it up the very impressive and long driveway to the tower. I wish I had taken my camera but I figured that it would just be too cold to stand around taking pictures.
It took 4 trips up and down the stairs to get all of my goodies to Tukes Chamber where I would be exhibiting, but I was glad that I was here as I could sit right on top of an old cast iron radiator which happened to be on full blast. Then started to set up the stand keeping one eye on the what was happening with the weather outside. I took my time just I case we had to make a dash for the cars as the snow came down a little heavier. Other stall holders started to arrive and the panic set in that we might get snowed in or no Brides would show up ( perish the thought!).
So, the stand was all setup and I got myself a cuppa coffee to keep myself warm and waited and waited ( well I did arrive rather early), then just before 11am 2 cars came down the snow covered driveway very tentatively and then they got out of the car, the cheer in the room was more like a sigh of relief in a way, that the Die hard Bride will brave any extreme weather condition to get her Free bottle of Bucks Fizz and Goodie bag of wedding magazines.
Another 10minutes later and a couple more cars braved the snow and ice to travel to Layer Marney tower, but we had to wait 20minutes for the brides to work their way around the venue and come and visit the exhibitors in Tukes Chamber. They didn't really seem that interested in anything we had to offer and so they left pretty quickly, but who could blame them it was cold and snowy and they could have been doing something else instead.
Anyway sometime passed before the interested Brides came my way ( I hate forcing conversation, but the offer of Caramel cake was too much temptation and they seemed to be drawn to my stand) I am not too sure what they thought of my new collection which I have named ' Dare to be different!' As its a massive break from my comfort zone but I was really pleased with the results.
A beautiful bright sunshine yellow and dusky pink hand painted rose cake, an homage to Joules patterns that everyone seems to love now.
A buttercream ruffle cake in shades of dusky pink with a massive handmade sugar open Peony.
And the last one , black piped swirls with handmade sugar anemones in black, dark blue and poppy red with gilded vintage sugar buttons.
No one can say I'm run of the mill, and I certainly havn't copied everyone doing the old favourite of large Sugar roses in every shade of pink imaginable.
If I'm honest I think I only really chatted to about 10 couples but they seemed to like what I had to offer, so only time will tell. Anyway we packed up early , and yes I made it home unscathed but I desperate need of a cuppa x

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