Sunday, 10 April 2016

Not another edible image of Justin Beiber?

I was asked by the client to create a special cake for her daughters 14th birthday party, she adores Justin Beiber so would love a cake with him on but under no circumstances was it to be an edible image of the boy/ man!
When you taking a call you have to think fast Justin Beiber ( kid rock star, lots of money, screaming girls, trousers around his ankles, hat back to front, bubblegum pop songs, more screaming girls, tattoos, fainting kids, more screaming and so it goes on....), my idea Marquee lights and a sugar model of Justin Beiber, mainly because I wanted to have a go at edible marquee lights I'd seen a tutorial on Pinterest to make them, so I pitched my idea, gave the client some size and price options.
Settled on chocolate cake , 3 layers with chocolate buttercream filling with purple fondant icing.
Marquee lights for age , name on cake and a model (gulp!).
1st step Marquee lights follow the YouTube tutorial:
Here's my 1st attempt which I went with
Next make the cakes, 3 simple chocolate cake layers each with a 7" diameter , filled with chocolate buttercream and crumb coated, then smooth coated with buttercream and left to setup in the fridge. 
I iced the cake drum in black  keep to the brief of rock star cake and covered the cake with a deep purple coloured fondant using the upside down method to get the smooth sharp edges that I love ( thanks Jessica Harris for teaching me via Craftsy ).
Next for the model , I looked through loads of images of Justin Beiber, boy does he have a lot of images on Google most of them inappropriate so I narrowed it down, I didn't want to make a straight standing figure I needed the challenges of I found this image on Google.
Most of his body is covered up but he has a clean look and he challenge of a squatting figure. How do I achieve this with plenty of CMC in the paste and an armature of jewellery wire inside his boy to support the weight. The only real problem I had was the hands ( I just can't get to grips with them, must try harder), the shirt and tattoos were all hand painted, I really don't think it's too bad and I was really chuffed with the end result. 
 I just hope that Anya was pleased with him, I know her parents were thrilled with it.
Let me know what you think too!

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